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Every Call is a Website Failure
Hospitality Upgrade Magazine – Spring, 2013

Consider this: The vast majority of reservation phone calls, whether to a call center or the hotel directly, are preceded by a visit to the hotel’s website. The caller often knows the hotel’s room options, amenities and available rates. So why do they call? In this article we play the devil’s advocate and suggest it was because the website failed them, and failed the hotel.

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Welcome to Hospitality Technology Consulting

Hospitality Technology Consulting assists its clients in optimizing their performance in central reservations and the complex, fast-evolving electronic distribution channels.

We focus on:

  • Electronic Distribution
  • Central Reservations
  • Strategic Technology Planning

Our mission is to provide the strategic tools and expert support you need to plan for, and respond successfully to, the opportunities and challenges facing the hospitality industry.  Working together we can position your organization to meet, and exceed, its performance goals.

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Overcoming a World of Challenges

Hotels around the globe receive a growing, and now vital, portion of reservations from electronic distribution channels – including their web site, online travel agencies and the global distribution systems.

Hotel executives are endeavoring to understand each channel's production potential  and overhead costs. They are striving to use an array of tools – their CRS, competitive rate shoppers, channel management systems, numerous in-house and external reports, revenue management systems and others – to strike the most profitable balance among these electronic channels and between them and traditional reservation production channels.

Maximizing revenue, protecting price integrity and maintaining client relationships are all made immensely more challenging by the fast-evolving online world. Traveler reviews, social media commentary, reputation management, presentation and bookability on smart phones and tablets are all essential to understand and address in a considered, effective manner.  

Hospitality Technology Consulting works with hotels to understand trends, identify opportunities, create strategies, evaluate service partners and technology options, and make informed decisions -- decisions geared to optimizing reservation production for hotels and hotel brands.

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